There is nothing that attracts the love and attention of people than the feeling you get when you lay eyes on a fluffy creature. This coupled with the nature of people to part take in gaming and slot machines is a recipe that is enough to drive you wild.

Take a trip with us down slot machine highway and enjoy what we have to offer. Information, tip and tricks and games galore on offer for you to enjoy at your own leisure. There isn’t an animal slot that we haven’t heard of and there definitely isn’t one we haven’t experienced for ourselves. We will keep you up to date on all the new games and the animals that make them so special.

If you are looking for tips and tricks on how to win at the various animal slots on the market, this is the place to be. Find out about hidden bonus rounds and gain the upper hand on. While we can’t ensure that you will win, we can make sure that you have as much enjoyment as possible while trying.

Gain useful information on the designers and creators of animal slot machines, where they started, how they came up with the ideas and what they have planned for the gaming future. In an industry that is rapidly changing and evolving, you can expect some wonderful games and amazing features in the games that are on their way. We can’t wait to see what animal appears next.

While gaming is fun and animals even more so, it isn’t only the games that create the hype. Become a part of the social culture that lives within the animal slot machine world. Collect your favourite characters in the form of plush toys or decorate your room in a kitty theme reminiscent of OMG! Kittens. Adorn your keys with personalized keychains or wear the t-shirt. Show your love for the characters that bring entertainment to life.

Whether its horses, dog or cute kittens that tickle your fancy, animal slot machines have them all. While each is as adorable as the next, you will find your favourite among them. The fluffy appearance and large, lovable eyes that each of these creatures displays will have you wanting more. Perhaps you will venture to a slot with a different animal just to enjoy some variety and who knows, you may end up loving it.

Slot machines are a wonderful source of entertainment that is enjoyed by a vast majority of the population. It is time to join the revolution and take full advantage of the experience it has to offer. Drop your credits and set that reel in motion. There is an adventure, adorable animals and sights and sounds that excite with every press of the button.

While we can’t get enough of the animal slots and know that you will feel the same way, we support responsible gaming. Fun, relaxation and winning should not lead to depression and agrrevation caused by playing beyond your means. That’s why demo versions of the games exist.