Kittens, cat photos, memes, the favourite pastime for cat lovers everywhere and now its available in an online slot game that is driving cat lovers wild. Online gaming is an incredible amount of fun and what makes it even more popular is the ability to do it from the comfort of your home. Experience the same hype as playing the game in a brick and mortar casino, without having to dress up for the occasion. Take a chance at winning some extra cash while ogling the precious kittens on display. The soft fur and large adorable eyes make this an almost magnetic attraction. The game provides a number of different winning opportunities, each with their own selection of feline friends to share. What started out as a game for the live market is fast becoming the most popular in the online realm. Even those who aren’t feline friendly can’t resist these creatures from afar.

How To Play and Win

OMG! Kittens is a game that incorporates a 5-reel, 40-pay line system. You can place your bet on the number of pay lines you want to be included and the price you wish to play for each of those lines before you spin the reel. The aim is to match identical cat related symbols across any pay line. While there are pictures of kittens, there are also yarn balls, milk bottles and collars in the gallery. The cats on the reel go by the names of Bubbles, Tiger and Mr. Whiskers. Any three of the same cat on any pay line and you win big.

WMS Software Company Designed It

WMS is the designer of the OMG! Kittens slot machine. They have designed slot machines since 1994 when they entered the reel-spinning market. The company has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. While they design and manufacture world famous slot machines, they also develop software which is aimed at assisting casinos to manage their operations. The roots of the company go back further and can be traced back to 1943 and the Williams Manufacturing Company who was the go-to team where pinball and arcade games were concerned. Times have changed and their designs have progressed. This is the slot machine giant in the industry.

Social-Cultural Influence And Popularity

Games such as OMG! Kittens have had a phenomenal influence on social culture driven only by the popularity of the games. The use of fluffy cats in the game is appealing to all ages, attracting different markets to play. In many countries, the collection of plush toys is a phenomenon and these kittens are only adding to the craze. As a marketing ploy by WMS, all kinds of apparel has been created in celebration of the kittens. Bedroom decorations, keychains, stickers and the like are predominant in the marketplace. Nobody can resist the cuteness that these kittens exude. The appeal of the feline world to the human nature is intense and can be seen by movies such as cat woman and not forgetting the most-loved of them all Garfield and Top Cat.