This slot game from Eyecon reignites suppressed memories from ages ago when life was all peaceful, calm and wonderful. The game celebrates those moments when we all found ourselves deeply and madly in love with our toys. Whether the toy was in the form of an animal like a hippo, or a duck, in the form of an automobile or in the form of cute lovey dolls, this game makes sure that you reminisce about those days.

Fluffy Favourites slot comes with five reels and 25 pay lines. As you would expect, the theme of the game is a cartoonish feel and even the background sounds resemble the sounds you would hear in most popular cartoon series. The symbols on the reels that will make you remember your childhood days include a purple hippo, a duck, a fish, blue rhino, pink dragon, a panda, a gorilla, a turtle and a lion.

How to Play and Win

When playing the game for real money at several casinos online, you will need at least 1 credit (1 penny). The pay lines of this slot are adjustable meaning you can adjust downwards and wager on just a solitary pay line using 1 credit. All 25 pay lines wagering with the minimum bet amount, you will need 25 credits. The maximum bet amount is 10 credits per bet line. The purple hippo is the symbol that pays the most in the game rewarding you with 5,000 credits! The fish symbol in this slot is the icon that pays the least.

Eyecon developed this game

The developer of this game is Eyecon, the same software developer that has given us some stunning slot tiles. Eyecon in this game showed that it still has what it takes to create blockbuster games as the game quickly gained traction soon after its release. Players of Fluffy Favourites will quickly notice the stunning graphics in 3D as they open the game. The symbols on the reels are all intricately designed to resemble some zoo animals. The background of the game is nothing short of spectacular with some rainbows illuminating the reels and the background sounds will just keep you entertained as you spin the reels.

Social-Cultural Influence and Popularity

Fluffy Favourites is a game that resonates with almost everyone in the world. If you had a toy that you held dearly then, you are surely going to find it in this game. The toy animal symbols on the reels are a common social phenomenon prevalent in some Asian and western cultures where soft animals are collectables.

In western cultures, young ones are encouraged to possess animal toys so that they learn on the importance of protecting wildlife. They also get to learn basic stuff like domestic animals and those animals that you should not play with as they are dangerous. In Asian cultures, animals symbolise many things with dragons symbolising power, fish symbolising good fortune, turtle symbolising the earth among others. By this, children grow up knowing the importance of wildlife.