The online slot industry is littered with slot games that are related one way or the other by the theme. However, Games Warehouse when developing this game decided to go for something unconventional, something slot players had not seen before. This game comes with five reels and 30 ways to win but the major striking feature of the game are the symbols that you will find on the reels, that is, birds.

On the reels are some flapping, cheeping and shuffling birds differentiated by colour. Well, they may be different in terms of species and parentage but that would need avid bird watchers to discern, wouldn’t it? The uniqueness of this beautiful game is not only limited to the theme but it also spreads to the design and the background sounds as you can hear the birds chirping.

How to Play and Win

To start playing Birds slot, you need at least 0.30 credits translating to 9 credits across all 30 pay lines that is if you are wagering with the minimum coin size. You can, however, increase your wager to as high as 150 credits. To hit those precious wins in this game, you need to land some matching combinations. The combination which pays the highest in the wild combination and black bird combination rewarding you with £600 for matching five. A 5-symbol winning combination of the purple birds rewards you with £300. Among all the birds, the red one pays the least rewarding you with £60 for five in a row.

Games Warehouse developed this game

Games Warehouse created this game. Over the years, Games Warehouse has worked to ensure that its games are a notch above the rest and this game is no exception. The game comes with stunning 3D graphics. Perhaps the biggest achievement of Games Warehouse in this game is that it managed to develop a theme which the gaming industry had not seen before. Games Warehouse also incorporated a new feature into this game, as you spin the reels, rather than the symbols dropping down, they (birds) fly around thus giving the game a realistic feel.

Social-Cultural Influence and Popularity

This is a branded game which adopts most of its features from the widely popular ‘Birdz’, an animated television series from Canada that has been on the air since 1998. The series airs on STV and on CBS. The television show ever since its debut became a fan favourite with the young ones. Realising the massive success enjoyed by the series, Games Warehouse decided to bring it to the gaming world. Birdz, the game when released and to date has also enjoyed massive popularity and success among the younger folk. The symbols that are found on the reels in the game all resemble the family character symbols in the television show thus when playing the game, young people can tell where the game is starting from and where it is heading. This game is enjoyed by young ones playing slots for the first time.