Who said adults can’t have fun? 100 Panda is a popular online means of entertainment enjoyed by many over the age of 18 and no, not that kind of entertainment. An Asian themed online game with accompanying graphics and sound based on the bears from Asia doing what they’re known for the world over. The game itself also has the option for stack wilds – which are the terms given to two or more wild symbols that appear on a reel – allowing for a significantly higher chance to increase your chances of winning. Plus, there’s a bonus round, which awards players with 10 free spins with extra stacked wilds. Bonuses can be triggered anytime during the game and on any spin. With authentic Chinese symbols, it’s guaranteed to provide a true to life gaming experience that is available on multiple platforms from tablet to desktop and even the mobile phone.

How to Play and Win

100 Pandas can best be described as a 5-reel, 100 slot game that is easy to play and caters to players of different experience levels. When it comes to playing the premise is simple. With each spin of a new turn different symbols have different values of worth and upon landing on one a winning combination means more money can be paid out to a player. How much you win also determines how much can be wagered in each new game. But to truly enjoy the game, terminology like Scatters and Wilds should be learnt.

IGT Developed This Game

The International Gaming Technologies company, (IGT) formerly known as GTECH is a multinational company and the world’s largest manufacturer of slot machines. That is based in the UK, it’s also renowned for the creation of online casino games including the popular 100 Pandas and many other titles. With 30 years of experience to their name, the organization has evolved to offer services that allow for wireless connection, casino system solutions and other solutions to optimize and simplify. Including the support from industry experts who can assist with any issues encountered from playing equipment to faulty games.

Social-Cultural Influence and Popularity

Culturally, the thought of adults playing games in their spare time differs from place to place but the one place they all agree on is that the endeavour itself is a popular one, especially among the elderly. For everybody else, participating in such an opinionated pastime goes beyond the act of winning. For the most part, it’s a great way to bring about an increase in employment and the opportunities associated with it within the local community, and with the increase in money, comes the need to hire more people to cater for the demand.

Of course, like anything in life, moderation is the key in enjoying casino based activities or else you run the risk of addiction. But with the right attitude, the experience of playing 100 Panda games is more than enough to keep people entertained as well as allow for an opportunity to make some extra money while doing so.